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Hey, there!  Welcome to the Original Home of Motivational Entertainment  . . . with snacks!

Within these pages you will find programs, products, characters, and baked goods that are all infused with joy.  From a flavorful mini cupcake topped with a fondant high-heel shoe, to a pair of giggle-inducing oven mitts, every one of my creations is intended to provide inspiration through humor.  It is my hope that you will look around and find something that either tickles your fancy or warms your heart . . . or both.

As a writer, professional comic actress, and baker, I am uniquely qualified to create a dynamic entertainment experience that will promote your corporate message and inspire your work force.  If you would like some life-affirming comedy combined with delicious treats, I am happy to introduce a brand new Motivational Entertainment Service called The Hey, Dollface! Experience.  Click this link and come on in - I'll show you what I mean...

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My Blooming Cake Shoppe. There is a Menu page and a Photo Gallery where you'll see what other customers and I have dreamed up.  Playing with gum paste and fondant makes me giddy and I know that feeling finds its way into your treats. Take a look around and you'll begin to imagine what I can make for you.

I am also currently offering a wide variety of unique handmade gifts.  Hats that look like cupcakes, baby jackets with attitude, beaded flower jewelry (and more!) are all on the page called
Nana's Room.   More goodies will be added as soon as they become available, so check back often and see what I've been up to.

Thank you for stopping by; I can hardly wait to show you my creations.

Peace to you,


I am happy to announce that I am currently traveling around the country in the First National Tour of "I Love Lucy:  Live On Stage."  As I make my way around the US, (with a couple of stops in Canada to boot, eh?), I will continue to offer handmade goods, subject to availability.  Baked goods, and entertainment services involving snacks, should be ordered with as much lead time as possible, so plan ahead.  Check here to see when I'll be headed your way
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