The Dandy Knot

Finn and Zeke (the Adorable) are sporting The Dandy Knot: our snazzy new retro-style bow tie on a pin.  These 3-1/2” tie pins look just as dapper on an executive’s suit as on your favorite hipster’s tee. 

We're happy to announce that The Dandy Knot was chosen as a Finalist in the Best New Product Competition at The National Stationery Show 2015.  

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CherryMill Studios would like to congratulate our dear friend, Finn Wittrock, on his very first Emmy Nomination for his portrayal of Dandy Mott in American Horror Story:  Freak Show.
Congrats, Finn!

We happily vouch for your exceptional acting abilities since we know (for sure) you're not really a homicidal, scary-maniacal psychopath.

You're welcome!

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